Mixed media on 6 cotton rag sections. Each section: 102 x 153 mms / 4 x 6”


‘This mountain weather is very unstable right now – mercurial, unforgiving. It’s taken endless hours to hike here, how will it be getting back? I cannot begin to ‘read’ the signs from my perch high on this dramatic fossil ledge, still in snow. Its’ unpredictability makes me think of Darwin’s formidable friend and foe Robert Fitzroy. How could Fitzroy’s meteorological passion have created such astonishingly accurate ‘weather forecasting’ so long ago? I wish he was here now to guide me’   (from my log, July 2009).

The series Forecasts was made at the Burgess Shale fossil beds in the Canadian Rockies.  in the centenary year of their discovery in 2009. See Carte de Visite explanatory note.

Forecasts forms part of the collection: Field Notes from Yoho. See also Stains and Guts and Hiking Log, Rockies.

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